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Beer Bike: Track Certification Training is a Course

Beer Bike: Track Certification Training

Started Jan 15, 2024


Full course description

Course Components:



Track Safety Protocols:


Comprehensive overview of safety guidelines and protocols specific to the rice beer bike track.

Emergency response procedures tailored for track environments.



Bike Handling Techniques:

In-depth training on optimal bike control, cornering, braking, and acceleration techniques to enhance on-track performance.

Practical exercises to improve maneuverability and responsiveness in various track scenarios.



Pit Crew Essentials:

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a pit crew, including tire changes, fueling, and basic bike maintenance.

Team coordination and communication strategies for efficient pit stops.


Rice Beer Celebration Culture:


Insight into the unique culture of celebrating victories and camaraderie with rice beer on the track.

Responsible consumption practices and the importance of maintaining a festive yet safe atmosphere.


Chugging Challenges:


Fun and engaging chugging competitions for participants to test their skills in a controlled environment.

Emphasis on responsible consumption and the correlation between celebratory moments and track performance.



Track Day Simulation:

Practical sessions allowing participants to apply their knowledge on the track under supervised conditions.

Realistic simulations of various track scenarios, fostering confidence and readiness for actual track days.


Certification Assessment:


Final assessment evaluating participants' understanding of track safety, bike handling, pit crew responsibilities, and responsible celebration practices.


Successful participants receive a Rice Beer Bike Track Certification, validating their readiness for track participation.


This course provides a holistic approach to track day preparation, ensuring that participants not only acquire the necessary skills for a thrilling track experience but also foster a responsible and enjoyable track culture.

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