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Caregiving Program Training (2022-2023) is a Course

Caregiving Program Training (2022-2023)



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The Caregiving program is a peer-led, volunteer organization whose goal is to promote safety and accountability at events where alcohol is present. Serving as a formal extension of Rice's Culture of Care, the Caregiving program at each college functions as a student-created safety net. This training must be completed in order for undergraduate students to be eligible to serve as a formal Caregiver during public events. Many freshmen get housing/service points when volunteering to be a Caregiver for their college's events, but this may not be the case at your individual college for this year.
   This training should take about 15-20 minutes, but we strongly advise not rushing through the modules because the information is very crucial for understanding how to serve as a Caregiver. The training is also self-paced, so it does not have to be completed in one sitting.
   No room location, prerequisites, and materials are needed for the course. A previous Caregiving Program training was created two years ago, but we would like to create a new course to update the training and the list of students who are registered as Caregivers at their colleges.

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